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Craft / Vendor / Special Sale Events

The Fingerlakes Mall wants any day to feel like a craft fair!  We welcome vendors and local artists to sell their handmade crafts and goodies.  We have the perfect, affordable space to sell your unique items in a climate-controlled space with plenty of parking!

As a Vendor, and in the interest of your professional and legal business persona, the Fingerlakes Mall will try to avoid having multiple vendors selling the same items, and we require the following 1 week in advance of the event:


       1. The Fingerlakes Mall Craft/Vendor Application Packet must be filled out in its entirety. All items in the                         packet are there to abide by all New York State Laws and Fingerlakes Mall Policies.

2.  All fees are to be paid the same day the packet is handed in.


3.  A copy of your current DBA registration certificate and/or W9 and/or an Independent Contractor Agreement        certification or proof of direct sales.

4.  Valid Insurance and/or current Hold Harmless agreement.


Any questions? Don't hesitate to e-mail Elizabeth at

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