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Fountain Fund Program

The fountain program  helps our local non-profit partners grow. Whenever you or a loved one makes a wish in any of our fountains, that money goes directly to the organization being hosted for the designated time period. 


How to Qualify:

1.) Organizations must have 501c3 paperwork.

2.) Organizations must provide adequate signage for fountain use.

3.) Organizations would need to take all coinage out of fountain after       our maintenance staff drains each fountain.

Contact our Marketing Director:  Elizabeth Hebbard

JCP Fountain.jpg

If you are interested in participating in the Fountain Fund Program, please download and fill out this application and return it to the Mall Office or email it to

Charity Programs
Giving back to the community is what we do here at Fingerlakes Mall.  Without YOUR direct support and encouragement, our success wouldn't be feasible.  We host many non-profit organizations on-site monthly, whether you are looking for a meeting space or wish to organize an event, the possibilities are endless.

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